Movies have been a part of our lives for as long as we can possibly remember. Movies have been around for people to watch for more than a hundred years, and as time passes, the videography and picture quality have all improved drastically. Another thing that has changed massively is the different mediums by which movies are spread among people to watch. There was a time when movies were  only to be seen in theatres. But after the invention of the television and broadcasting channels, people were able to watch their favorite movies from the comfort of their homes as well.

Popularity of Streaming Platforms

The internet has become an indispensable part of our lives. Apart from making it extremely easy for us to do the most regular tasks, leg booking tickets for transportation, hotels, or movies, ordering food from different restaurants and even finding good restaurants nearby, it has also been phenomenal at helping us gain access to a  huge variety of entertainment stuff. With the help of people and streaming services online, we can watch endless movies and tv shows.

Some of the most popular streaming services that people use are Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Hotstar, Voot and more. There are also many other streaming services created by popular network stations that are meant to show regional entertainment programs.


Ibomma is a website from where you can watch unlimited Telugu movie. Many users visit this website in order to download movies for free. This is a very popular torrent based website and it is made for leaking pirated content. From this website, one can download latest released movies at very high quality and apart from the download option, this website also offers a wide range of genres. Since this website leaks latest release movies illegally, it is best to stay away from such websites because they can also steal personal data and information of the user.

Movies Flix

Similarly Moviesflix, a torrent movies site that provide free downloading of movies, web series and other contents. You just have to visit this site and make sure you have VPN to browse freely.

Downloading Movies

Downloading movies is a pretty common practice performed by many people. Many people prefer to watch newly released movies from the comfort of the home without necessarily going to the theatre. At times like that, one tends to download movies from different websites. First of all, you can download movies from YouTube also provided that the movie is actually downloadable and full. There are also other ways by which you can download movies on your device and watch them later

One such movie downloading medium is ibomma.


Thotsbay, a platform to download, Movies, videos and Photos of popular streaming sites. Without any payment and Sing up.

Before the Broadband

Before the internet became easily accessible to the common people, things like cossets and CDs were popular among people and they had whole movies that one could play again and again. Cassetts mainly had songs but there were also special cassettes that were made for movies. Back when these things were famous, cassette and CD players were also easily available and laptops as well computers came with a CD space. Those kinds of laptops were a bit bulky but appropriately functional at the same time.  The most common way of watching movies these days is through streaming services.

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